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WED. Thursday, March 2ND 2023 17:00 Role of Women Engineers

Presenter: Mari Cruz Díaz Álvarez, Ingenium Committee of IIE

Prof. Dawn Bonfield, Deputy Chair of Women in Engineering, WFEO.

Mª Teresa Pino, Former President of Pan American Union of Engineering Associations, UPADI

Lidia Santiago, Vice president of Ordem dos Engenheiros of Portugal

Dr. Ania López, National Council of Engineers of Italy

Ms. He Jing, Deputy Chief Architect, China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research.

María Cruz Díaz Álvarez C. Ingenia del IIE

María Cruz Díaz Álvarez, haas been doctored with distinction obtaining the maximum level of academic honor in the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Her professional life is mainly dedicated for two different field: The teaching field and the investigation field. She has also co- wrote two books: one of “agriculture and environment” and the other of “Diffuse agricultural contamination; This two book were edited and published by the ministry of public work and urbanism of Spain”. Right now, she´s the president of the national association of agronomy engineers and the president of the committee “IGENIA”. This committee is responsible of granting the visualization of the talent of engineers of the Spanish institute of engineering. She’s also the vice-president of the Mundial academy of agronomy and forestall engineers.

Prof. Dawn Bonfield, Deputy Chair of Women in Engineering, WFEO

Dawn Bonfield MBE FREng is Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence at King's College London working with young people on addressing the Sustainable Development Goals as entrepreneurs. She has been Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Inclusive Engineering at Aston University since 2017, and is the Founder & Director of Towards Vision, a not-for-profit which works towards a vision of diversity and inclusion in engineering. She is Past President and former Chief Executive of the Women's Engineering Society (WES). Dawn is Deputy Chair of the Women in Engineering Committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations working on the application of engineering and technology to address gender inequality globally. Dawn is founder of the social enterprise ‘Magnificent Women’ which celebrates the history of women in engineering, and she was the founder of International Women in Engineering Day (INWED).

Lidia Santiago, Vice president of Ordem dos Engenheiros de Portugal

Lidia santiago has 42 years of Academic activity in Engineering, she`s responsible for production and management of food companies; She´s also a member of Portuguese Engineer Association (OE) and the National Vice-President and President of the Board of Admission and Qualification, OE since 2019. In adition to this information she´s also the Vice President of AFCEA Portugal since 2021.

In terms of helping women she´s the main organizer of “XVI Encuentro Ibero Americano das Mujeres Ingenioeras, Arquitectas y Agrimensoras” in novenber 2024 and also integrates the “ Engineer for a day” program of the state secretariat for gender equality since 2018.

Dr. Ania Lopez Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri (ITALIA) and World Federation Engineering Organization (WFEO)

Ania Lopez has an extensive resume. She´s the winner of the PhD in Industrial and Management Engineering at the “Antonio Ruberti” Department of Computer, Automatic and Management Engineering. Has a doble degree in Mechanical Engineering in Cuba and in Italy, with specialization in Energy topics. Ania lopez have over 20 years of experience as an engineer in public and private works in large infrastructures including the Construction, HVAC, Healthcare and Electricity sectors. AN important thing to remark of her curriculum is that she´s the first woman in the history of Italian engineering to be a member of the Executive Council of the CNI, creator of the project "Ingenio al Feminile", for the enhancement of the Figure of the Female Engineer.

Ms. He Jing, Deputy Chief Architect, China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research

Dr. HE, Deputy chief architect, serving at China Institute of Building Standard Design & Research. She has long been engaged in research and design in the field of resilience design of buildings. In her role as convenor of ISO TC59 WG4(Resilience in Buildings and Civil Engineering) (2018 to present), she and her colleagues conduct cross-disciplinary research with scientists in the fields of climate change, seismic resilience and emergency management, etc. to promote the development of resilience design standards to help buildings better adapt to changing future.

She is actively involved in industry organizations and help colleagues and young people communicate more during her tenure as an observer of WFEO CEE (Committee on Engineering and the Environment) (2016 to present) and secretary general of Committee on Green Building of Architectural Society of China (2019 to present).



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